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Featured image by Hanni Gharib

#MovingSkyewards: Discover the Isle of Skye

By europcar

Have you heard the one about the five Danes and three Scots who travelled to the Isle of Skye? If you’re an Instagram user, then you may well have! Here’s the lowdown: five prominent Danish Instagrammers recently met up with … Continued


Easter in Portugal

By europcar

Here in the UK, most people’s Easter celebrations tend not to extend far beyond Easter egg hunts and the subsequent munching of chocolate. Granted, some do of course partake in religious ceremonies or go the trouble of decorating their homes, … Continued

Image by Barry Lewis

Historical tour of South Devon

By europcar

From the vast, open moorlands of Dartmoor National Park, to the golden sands and dramatic cliff drops of the southern coastline, South Devon and natural beauty go hand in hand. What’s more, the picture-postcard landscapes are also complemented by a … Continued

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