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RENTING A CAR IS CHEAPER THAN TAKING THE TRAIN! Europcar advises rail travellers to consider the cheaper

The latest rail fare increases across a number of networks have hit rail travellers hard.  Many train users may think they have no choice, but leading UK car rental company, Europcar, is suggesting that car rental could often be a cheaper – and more convenient – option.  For example, by choosing to rent a car, 2 people travelling from Bath to London could stand to save £151 on the price of a train fare, even allowing for fuel and congestion charge once they’re in London.  In fact, they could travel in a first class of their own by renting a Mercedes for less than the cost of a rail ticket!

At the beginning of the year travellers around the country saw train fares rise for the fourth successive year by an average of 4.5% forcing many to rethink their journey options. The reality is that for many train journeys, passengers don’t even get a seat.  That’s why Europcar is arguing that car rental offers an economical alternative, giving travellers the ultimate control over their journey.

“The fact is that rail travel is not as flexible as driving and rather than a traveller having to use their own vehicle for a long journey, adding to wear and tear, car rental offers a hugely competitive alternative” confirmed Nick Harwood, Sales and Marketing Director for Europcar.  “Rental is also a great solution for those travellers who don’t own a car in the first place.”

The benefits of car rental go far beyond the cost. Travellers can avoid the cramped conditions often experienced when travelling by public transport and bring as much luggage as they wish. Safety and comfort are guaranteed with any vehicle from Europcar – all vehicles in the 60,000 Europcar fleet are under 6 months old and come equipped with the latest technology as well as 24/7 breakdown assistance.

Car rental vs. Rail

·         An open return fare from Bath to London would now cost a traveller £133. However, 2 people sharing a 2 day return rental of a car from the MINI class group such as the Chevrolet Matiz, from Bath to London midweek would cost just £57.50 each including an allowance for fuel and congestion charge for driving into London for 2 days.  

·         Similarly, a traveller from Birmingham to London Euston, one of the busiest routes in the country, would now have to pay £123 for an open return fare, whereas 2 people sharing a 2 day return rental of a car from the MINI class group such as the Chevrolet Matiz, midweek would only pay £57.79 each including an allowance for fuel and congestion charge.

Car rental better than public transport for airport passengers

Travellers returning from abroad or on domestic flights could also save on rail fares by taking advantage of Europcar’s Boomerang product. With Boomerang, Europcar will get you to and from the airport, avoiding all the inconvenience and costs of public transport or airport parking.  For example, a family of four travelling from Newquay to Heathrow would have to pay £786 for an open return train fare, but renting a car using Boomerang would cost them just £89 plus fuel.

With over 250 locations throughout the UK and the option of a home delivery and collection of rental vehicles, Europcar offers travellers a more convenient and cost-effective solution than rail.


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About Europcar Owned by the French investment company Eurazeo, Europcar is the European leader in passenger car and light utility vehicle rentals. Since March 2007, with the acquisition of Vanguard EMEA, its network comprises over 5,300 rental outlets in 160 countries. With a fleet of over 241,000 vehicles and almost 10 million rental contracts signed in 2006, Europcar provides its services to its clients (business and private) throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East,
Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region. 



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