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PRE-BUDGET REPORT 2008 What are the prospects for motorists? Expert comment available on the cost of motoring from Europcar, the UK

Tim Bailey, Europcar’s Fleet Director is available to give expert comment ahead of the Pre-Budget Report on the cost of motoring and reducing fuel costs.  He is also available to comment on the government’s decision about the proposed changes to Vehicle Excise Duty and the impact on motorists once the Pre-Budget Report has been announced.

A recent survey conducted by YouGov for Europcar found that:  

·        1 in 3 drivers (34%) now think that people are trapped into car ownership by their location, work and family commitments. 

·        And, around 1 in 4 thinks that the cost of ownership outweighs the benefits. 

·        Only 8% have any real idea of the true cost of running a car.  

·        76% underestimate the cost and almost 1 in 5 (18%) simply have no idea

·        In a bid to cut costs, 68% of drivers have cut the number of journeys they are making

·        46% have changed the way they drive to conserve fuel.

·        Motorists are cutting costs for servicing, maintenance and roadside assistance. 

·        25% have decided not to replace their car this year.

Newer Cars are better for the economy, environment and motorists

Tim can also comment on how a relatively new car, combined with some simple driving techniques, can save motorists as much as £800 a year in fuel costs compared with driving an older vehicle. 


We can also offer a case study of a family who have decided to give up their second car, choosing to rent as and when they need to.  The move could save them more than £2000 over the course of a year.

Interested?  Please contact Maddy Roles, Dominic Dennis, Jen Staniforth or Elinor Puzey at HSL on 0208 977 9132.



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