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YOU’RE HIRED! – Europcar Offers Tips for Interviewees on How to Make the Right Impression with Wheels

The Apprentice season is well and truly underway and Europcar, the UK’s leading car hire company, is advising legitimate job seekers attending interviews, to hire a car to help make the right impression.

Interviews can often start from the moment the interviewee enters the car park, therefore it’s important for candidates to not only look the part but also to arrive in a vehicle that befits the image they want to portray. With this in mind, Europcar is offering interviewees some advice on how to get the best out of the rental experience.

Early Bird Catches the Deal
Book as early as possible to get the best deal as larger cars tend to get booked up in the summer months. Europcar’s rates are price-shopped on a daily basis.

Suits You Sir
Work out what type of car you think will help make the right impression. Consider hiring a GPS unit to make sure you arrive at your interview with plenty of time to prepare.

Top Up Your Tank
All Europcar’s vehicles are supplied with a full tank of petrol but you have the choice to return it full or pay for the fuel up front and return it empty. Europcar charges 5p under the average high street pump price.

Safe and Sound
All rates are inclusive of insurance but there will be an excess to pay if you do have an accident. Check what this excess is and decide if you would like to reduce or eliminate it through optional covers provided.

Take ID
Drivers must bring the necessary documentation and ID with them. All named drivers need to have held a full driving licence for at least a year, and present a photo-card licence as well as the paper counterpart (the older style driving licence is also accepted). A credit or debit card, plus one of two other forms of identification may also be necessary. Europcar is also one of the few rental companies in the UK with a minimum rental age of 21. For drivers under 25 a small surcharge applies.

Inspect the Car
When you collect the car, you should inspect the vehicle carefully, looking for any signs of scratches or damage to the interior, bodywork, wheels and windscreen. If you do spot something, make sure this is recorded on the paperwork you’ve been given by the Rental Agent.

Cross the T’s
Before driving away, make sure you check the paperwork is correct and that it clearly states what you have paid for, ie cover to reduce the excess, additional driver, GPS, car seats, etc

Rental Agreement
Ensure you keep the rental agreement throughout your rental in case of emergencies and make sure you understand who or what to do in the event of accident or breakdown. Europcar offers First Call Assist a 24/7 number available free of charge to all rental customers covered by Europcar’s insurance.

Homeward Bound
Check where and when you need to return the car to – will you be dropping the car off to the same place you picked it up from? Returning the car late may incur additional charges so make sure you are on time. Allow plenty of time to drop-off the car and get it checked by one of the rental Agents. Make sure that you both agree on the condition of the car and you note and sign for any damage on all copies of the rental agreement.

Catriona Lougher, Marketing Director comments: “With unemployment figures at an all time high, competition is fierce and interviewees need to use every trick in the book to stay ahead of their rivals. By hiring a reliable car candidates can ensure that will get to their interview on time as well as making that vital first impression to their potential employer count.”

Simply call Europcar Reservations on 0871 384 1089 or log on to www.europcar.co.uk to make a booking.



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