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Beat the Fuel Price Rise – Europcar

With fuel prices reaching their highest levels since the start of the year, Europcar, the UK’s leading vehicle hire company is urging drivers to ease off the pedal and consider its tips for fuel frugal driving.

Catriona Lougher, Marketing Director says: “Increasing fuel costs are the last thing we need as Christmas approaches, it’s already an expensive time of year. Our simple tips should help motorists save money at the pumps but it’s also worth considering hiring a car for longer trips. The newer the vehicle, the more fuel efficient it will be and the savings in fuel could cancel out the cost of the hire. All our vehicles are on average just 6 months old and with free delivery and collection from most Europcar locations, fuel at 5p under the average per litre pump price if purchased up front and the opportunity to drive a car suited for the journey – Europcar is helping motorists conserve their fuel – and their cash.”

1 – Drive smoothly
Driving by aggressively accelerating or braking wastes fuel – up to 60% more in fact! When pulling away from the lights, try to accelerate gently.

2 – Read the road ahead
When driving, try to look ahead and read the conditions of the road – look out for anything that might require you to slow down or stop such as traffic lights or someone attempting to park. By anticipating what is coming up, you’ll not only be a safer driver, but you’ll save fuel by starting to slow down early and not needing to come to a stop.

3 – Don’t rev the engine!
Revving the engine whilst stationary does nothing except waste fuel!

4 – Use the gears sensibly
Correct use of gears can make huge savings on your fuel use of up to 15%! Make sure you change up into a higher gear as soon as it’s possible and safe to do so.

5 – Stick to the limit
Doing 80mph on the motorway will use between 10% and 20% more fuel than doing 70mph. For a 20 mile motorway journey, driving at 80mph will only save you about 2 minutes compared to driving at 70mph anyway!
If you’re not in a hurry to get anywhere, doing 70mph will use between 20% and 30% more fuel than doing 50mph – suddenly being stuck behind a lorry doesn’t seem so bad!

6 – Don’t “warm up” the engine
When starting on cold mornings, don’t leave your car running to warm it up. It causes unnecessary engine wear, as well as wasting fuel.

7 – Turn off the Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning is great in the hot summer months, but only use it when you really need to and just use the blowers the rest of the time – try to avoid opening the windows when driving at speed as this can increase aerodynamic drag which will waste more fuel.

8- Hire a car
Hiring a relatively new car for some trips, combined with some simple driving techniques, can save motorists as much as £800 a year in fuel costs compared with driving an older vehicle. Have it delivered and collected for free and consider buying a tank of fuel up front. Europcar charges 5p under the average high street pump price and if you return the car with more than ¼ tank of fuel you will get £10 off your next hire.

To reserve a car from Europcar in the UK, customers can call 0871 384 1089 or log on at europcar.co.uk. Alternatively, customers can book via Europcar’s on the go mobile service – which allows customers to make reservations and find their nearest hire location, all from their mobile phone by simply logging on to http://mobile.europcar.co.uk.



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