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Back to University Van Hire with Europcar

London, September 2011 – Europcar, the leader in car hire services in Europe believes that parents helping their children head to University often find the family car just isn’t big enough for everything that’s needed for student life.  From the TV, sound system and furniture, to books, clothes and even the kettle!  So it’s either a case of making several trips – or hiring a van.   

But many drivers will be unfamiliar with what sort of van is best for the job and what they should expect to pay for van hire, plus they may even be nervous about driving a vehicle much bigger than their car.   They may also want to avoid having to drive the van both ways.  After all, once Mum and Dad have dropped off all the gear it may just be easier to jump on the train back home! 

That’s why Europcar is offering a wide range of vans to families to make the University trip as easy as possible, with great rates and one-way hire too.  Plus it’s offering advice and tips on its website to help select the right van for the job. 

Europcar van hire rates are very competitive and start from only £19 per day.  And with vans available from over 130 locations across the UK, Europcar offers students the perfect way to get their stuff from one end of the country to the other, with its one-way hire service. Europcar can also deliver vans through weDeliver, its paid delivery and collection service. 

“University Terms are about to start and that means students will be trying to fit everything but the kitchen sink into a backpack!” says Ken McCall, Managing Director, Europcar Group UK. “Rather than overloading the car, Mum and Dad can opt for van hire to ensure everything that’s needed can be transported in one easy trip.  

From the small Vauxhall Combo to the Ford Luton box van, Europcar has a van to suit a wide range of needs. Tail lifts come equipped as standard with box vans from Europcar, making it even easier to pick up those last minute essentials before term starts.  And all Europcar vans are fully maintained to manufacturer specifications and covered by 24 hour breakdown, for added peace of mind.  

“The minimum age for van hire is 25, so it’s most likely Mum or Dad will have to do the driving” continued Ken McCall.  “But Europcar’s range of vans, means we have the right vehicle for the job and our hire packages also allow customers to choose the package to suit them – whether they want to hire by the day, a week or longer. And our top tips on safe van driving ensure the move goes smoothly.” 


Europcar’s Safe Van Driving Tips 

Driving your van – be safe!

Driving a van is not so very different from driving a car. The controls, the driving position, even the feel of the vehicle on the road – none of these is radically different from what you’ll be used to when you’re driving a car. But there are some important differences to remember, to look out for and to be aware of.  

Are all the doors securely closed?
Vans have rear or side cargo doors. Make sure they’re closed securely and can’t come open when the van is moving – even more important if you’re carrying something.  

Is the load secure?
It’s surprising how little movement of the van it takes for an unsecured load to slide around uncontrollably – and dangerously.  

Vans are bigger than cars
Be aware of the width, length and height of the van, especially if you’re not used to driving one.

  • Take a lot of care when you’re parking or backing into a space
  • It’s rare for a van to be so tall that it’s a problem, but the height will be clearly displayed just above the driver’s side of the windscreen and particularly low bridges or other road hazards (like low petrol station canopies) will usually be clearly marked with a height restriction.
  • When you’re driving under a bridge, look out for road markings that tell you clearly how close you can drive to the edge without causing a problem.
  • Watch out for trees with low-hanging branches.


Vans are designed to carry loads, not to handle like sports cars

  • Take corners slowly – it is possible for a heavily loaded van to tip over sideways if you take the corner too fast – and do remember that vans need more room to turn.
  • Pay very close attention to public warnings if you’re driving on an exposed road in windy weather.
  • Remember that the larger or heavier the vehicle, the longer it takes to stop, especially in icy or wet conditions.
  • Watch out very carefully for cyclists and bikers – they’re often tempted to overtake on the blind side.




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For further press information please contact the Europcar UK Press Office:  Dominic Dennis, Arran Fano, Maddy Roles, Agne Slikaite or Wendy Harrison on 020 8977 9132.  Dominic@harrionsadler.com 

About EuropcarEuropcar is the leading vehicle hire company in Europe, providing car mobility to 6 million customers. Through its franchisees and partners in over 150 countries, Europcar gives access to the #1 network in car hire. Europcar brand portfolio generated revenue of c.€3.1 billion including c.€2.0 billion Europcar group revenue. Supported by 6,600 dedicated staff and with long-standing local presence, Europcar facilitates the mobile lives of its customers around the world, offering them customised and innovative car mobility solutions. Winner of the first World Travel Award recognising the World’s Leading Green Transport Solutions Company, Europcar also was honoured with the Award in 2010, the second time it was presented.  Europcar is a subsidiary of Eurazeo.For more information: www.europcar.co.uk  



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