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London, December 2011 – With winter very much upon us and forecasts suggesting another cold snap, those hiring a car or van are going to be looking for reliability. Europcar, the leader in car hire services in Europe, offers customers the reassurance they need with the most reliable vehicles on its fleet, according to the Fleet News FN50 poll of the UK’s most reliable cars and vans. “The FN50 is the UK’s largest vehicle reliability survey, conducted by Fleet News using votes from the top 50 leasing companies in the country,” says Ken McCall, Managing Director Europcar Group UK. “These companies are operating huge fleets of vehicles and need to be able to have the reassurance of reliability.  So we are really pleased that 9 out of the top 10 cars and all the top vans are also on our fleet, offering our customers the most reliable choice of vehicles.”The annual FN50 survey is the UK’s largest reliability survey, providing an accurate picture of the vehicles fleet operators can rely on. However the results can also be used as a guide for anyone looking for a reliable vehicle – especially those who need a hire car during the treacherous winter months. McCall continues, “Although we’ve had a mild Autumn, the forecasts are that the weather is set to start deteriorating in the next few weeks so it’s more important than at any other time of year that motorists ensure they have a car they can rely on. Whether drivers are renting a larger vehicle to travel with the whole family during Christmas holidays, using a van to help move lots of items around, or even hiring something to travel in a bit more comfort, they can be sure a vehicle from Europcar is one they can rely on.“However, having a reliable vehicle can only go so far.  Drivers also need to make sure they prepare themselves before a journey. That’s why we are also offering some winter driving tips – helping our customers stay safe on the roads.”EUROPCAR’S TOP TIPS FOR WINTER DRIVING·         Fuel – Always be prepared to spend more time on the roads during the winter months, so make sure your tank is full.·         Tyres – Snow and ice require the right tyres for extra grip and safer driving. The recommended depth tread is 3mm, for winter, but it may be worth changing to winter or all season tyres as they are designed to give better grip in cold, wet conditions.·         Antifreeze – A 50-50 mixture that protects the engine from overheating in extreme temperatures. Hiring a car from a reputable car hire company will ensure your vehicle is serviced to the highest quality making your journey enjoyable. ·         Screen Wash – Apply anti-freeze to the windscreen washer reservoir to ensure that it doesn’t freeze as the temperatures drop. ·         Preparing for Travel – Check weather conditions before you set off and if they are really bad, avoid any journeys, unless absolutely necessary. ·         Driving in Fog, Snow and Ice – Heavy fog, rain and snow reduce visibility so drive with dipped headlights. In winter months stopping distances are up to 10 times longer so it’s important to keep your distance from the cars in front as well as driving at reduced speed.  ·         Winter (and Spring) Sun – Glare from the low winter sun can be a hazard, so reduce your speed and keep your windscreen clean. ·         Before setting off – Always keep some water and snacks, warm clothes and phone chargers in the car with you in case of emergencies or breakdowns. ·         Tiredness – don’t make any journeys if tired, as it reduces your alertness and visibility. McCall concludes “As winter approaches, drivers will be focusing on ensuring they have a vehicle that’s fit for the journey. Our customers can be assured that our vehicles will get them to their destination in comfort and safety. In addition, all our vehicles are fully maintained to manufacturer recommendations and include 24 hour roadside assistance cover, for the ultimate in peace of mind. And our top driving tips mean drivers can adjust for wintry weather conditions and stay safe out on the road.” 


For further press information please contact the Europcar UK Press Office:  Dominic Dennis, Arran Fano, Maddy Roles or Wendy Harrison on 020 8977 9132.  Dominic@harrisonsadler.comAbout EuropcarEuropcar is the leading vehicle hire company in Europe, providing car mobility to 6 million customers. Through its franchisees and partners in over 150 countries, Europcar gives access to the #1 network in car hire. Europcar brand portfolio generated revenue of c.€3.1 billion including c.€2.0 billion Europcar group revenue. Supported by 6,600 dedicated staff and with long-standing local presence, Europcar facilitates the mobile lives of its customers around the world, offering them customised and innovative car mobility solutions. Winner of the first World Travel Award recognising the World’s Leading Green Transport Solutions Company, Europcar also was honoured with the Award in 2010, the second time it was presented.  Europcar is a subsidiary of Eurazeo.For more information: www.europcar.co.uk



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