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Save a packet on petrol

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As the price of petrol continues to rise, consumers are feeling backed into a corner, with no choice but to pay a premium to fill their cars. But there are still a few easy and simple ways to start lowering your fuel costs – and the good news is you can start saving right away.

Credit: Flickr - Hobvias Sudoneighm
Credit: Flickr – Hobvias Sudoneighm


According to the Energy Saving Trust, driving more efficiently can save you up to 15% on your annual fuel bill. For the average UK driver, that equates to up to £350 every year. Driving more efficiently also tends to translate to driving more safely – so there really is nothing to lose in rethinking a few of your motoring habits.

Read on for a few simple tips to cut back on fuel and keep more pounds in your pocket.

  • Anticipate other drivers and situations and increase the space between you and the car in front. Excessive accelerating and braking guzzles fuel – so keep your ride smooth.


  • If you’re going downhill, let gravity take the brunt. Lift your foot off the accelerator and enjoy a fuel free ride, smoothly braking at the bottom of the hill.


Slow down. You’ve probably heard this one before, but seriously – slowing down can save you a packet. 45-50mph is generally the most fuel efficient speed and you’ll consume 18% more fuel whilst driving at 75mph compared to 60mph. And yes, sometimes you have to go fast – but bear in mind, driving at 85mph uses a whopping 25% more fuel than driving at 70mph – as well as putting you at risk of a nasty speeding fine. Stick to the speed limit and you’ll stay safe and save money.

Credit: Flickr - Scott Schram
Credit: Flickr – Scott Schram


  • Change gears earlier when you accelerate – the faster you move up gears, the lower your fuel consumption. Change smoothly and skip a gear if you can. If driving an automatic, accelerate gently.


  • Turn off your engine if you’re stationary for more than a minute and anticipate when this is going to happen. Just pulled up the junction as those lights that take forever to change turned red? Switch it off. Doing this a few times on the commute will soon add up.


  • You’ve heard it a million times – ditch the car. But have you ever really considered it? Cycling or walking just one day a week could save you over £200 every year –  so imagine what you could save if you got into the habit of leaving the car every day. The considerable financial and health benefits of side-lining the car commute make it worth investing in a bike. And if you work far away, try walking or cycling part route and watch the pounds fall off your waistline and into your pocket.


Credit: Flickr - Chelsea Nesvig
Credit: Flickr – Chelsea Nesvig


How do you plan on cutting back on fuel costs?



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