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5 Destinations That Are Cheaper in February


Contrary to popular belief February is a good time to snap up some cheap packages to locations above the equator. The Northern lights are seen best around this time in Finland, Norway and Iceland. South of these Cairo boast exhilarating energy and mild sun. Then to the west the Caribbean welcomes tourists to its mesmerizing beaches. Unlike its neighbors Jamaica is particularly cheap during this time. Our rental cars are available at each of these destinations.

Tromsø – Norway

Insider knowledge says that the higher the latitude the more chance you have of seeing the multi-coloured ghostly lights of the Aurora Borealis. You would think that tourist flock to this city between November and February just to see the Northern Lights but there is another natural phenomenon that is the main event. The Polar Night occurs when the night last for more than 24 hours because the sun is below the horizon leaving a blue or grey twilight to illuminate the day. It’s hard not to pack your bags once you have seen some mesmerising videos of this.

Hire a car in Tromsø, Norway.

Kakslauttanen – Finland

If you are a travel enthusiast, you have probably one seen the glass igloos somewhere on the internet   before but didn’t know you could find them in Finnish Lapland. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort to be exact. Watch the starry sky under some fur in the comfort of your cabin or an igloo. It’s the quintessential snow experience including an open fire and a sauna if you wish. Look for holiday packages to get the cheapest price for this resort. When you are ready to brave the cold join the reindeer safari and discover some snow activities at Urho National Park.

Hire a car in Ivalo Airport, Finland.

Reykjavik – Iceland

Reykjavik is the most affordable place to see the Aurora. Amidst the luxury hotels there are plenty of accommodation options to pick from that won’t break the bank. A key attraction is the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa which stays hot all hear round. A 40-minute drive in your rental will land you at its door step. The spa has just undergone renovations and it looks better than ever.

Hire a car in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Negril – Jamaica

Imagine some of the best coast line in the world at your feet and just under 20 resorts to choose from. All of which offer a variety of price ranges from affordable to luxury. 7 miles of golden sand means you don’t have to stay in one location every time you want to sunbathe. Montego bay is just a 1 hour 30 minutes’ drive away if you want something familiar and bars and restaurants are alive under the night’s sky.

Hire a car in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Cairo – Egypt

Winter is the Prime time to visit Cairo. The sun shines kindly on tourist from December to February unlike the scorching months of July and August. It’s best to shop around for accommodation and be prepared for long queues at the Giza Pyramids. Taking your hired car for a drive to the coast of The Red Sea will take just under 2 hours. Cairo is just the place to feed a curious mind.

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