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Europcar Business: specially designed services for any business

My name is Philippe, and I’m 45 years old. I am responsible for managing the vehicle fleet for a large company in the Paris area. I discovered Europcar a few months ago. Since then, I have always used their services to ensure a dependable fleet for my colleagues. Europcar offers diversified services for businesses. Just like there are services and options for individuals, companies also have several options depending on their employees’ travel needs. Europcar agents are available for any request. They are very responsive and always find the solution to adapt their offers to our requirements.

Top quality service: efficient, simple and fast

I learned about Europcar’s services on their website, while I was looking for the right provider for our company’s vehicle fleet. I went directly to the page of offers dedicated to businesses, where there is a wide range of B2B services offered. Because every step is done directly online, I didn’t waste any time. I chose a model from a wide range of the most preferred and popular vehicles, especially in a professional setting, namely cars from the brands of Audi, Mercedes, Citroën, Volkswagen, Renault, Peugeot, Ford, Nissan and many others. I found a car perfectly suited for my colleagues travel needs. Then I booked it on the website. This first experience proved to be quite successful. So I decided to turn to a Europcar commercial agent to share my other requests with him. Since then, I frequently contact this agent, who offers all the solutions suitable for each type of travel.

Offers dedicated to large companies

Our collaboration has resulted in the signing of a year-long contract that has proven to be very profitable in the case of a large scale business like ours. Opting for this type of professional agreement in the long term allows me to optimize costs. In addition to the attractive financial offers, the options offered are flexible and adaptable, depending on the type of travel being taken, the distance of travel and the length of the hire. The agency even offers vehicle delivery to a given place, and better yet, Europcar services are not limited to just France. As an international company, we often need to use vehicles for travelling abroad. All of my requests for hire abroad are fully insured. Upon arrival at the airport or train station, our employees can have their hire car available for the entire length of their stay in the area. Europcar branches are also located in international airports and major railway stations.

With top quality services, Europcar is the go-to company when it comes to B2B car hire. The company has even won the award for “Best Car Hire Company” by World Travel Awards. I can proudly say that our collaboration with Europcar contributes to the satisfactory results that our various business activities obtain. And I’m not ready to get rid of the company’s services or the valuable assistance that my Europcar sales agent provides.



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