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A Weekend Getaway in Porto for Couples

Porto can only be described as a mix of tumble down streets which reflect the life of days gone by in Portugal, and happily sit alongside modernization. The city is a popular destination for an exciting weekend getaway with the loved one.

Hidden throughout the city in the narrow alleyways is a wealth of modern bistros sitting alongside traditional tascas (taverns), where of course, the aged port the city is famous for, must be sampled. Porto is also peppered with street art, historical architecture, gardens, viewpoints and a tram or your rental car will take you to the coastal walk in Foz do Douro, a few minutes from the main city.

Where to take a selfie in Porto


For a breathtaking view of the city, climb the steps of the Torre dos Clérigos for the ultimate selfie when you reach the top. This historical tower is part of the Clérigos church and was designed by the Italian architect Nicolau Nasoni and completed in 1763. The tower is one of Porto’s landmarks and when built was the tallest building in Portugal, standing at approximately 76 meters high. With about 230 steps you’ll need plenty of energy to reach the top, but once there the views are definitely worth the climb.

Where to kiss in Porto


A stroll through the elegant Crystal Palace Gardens in Porto, hand in hand with your lover, stopping to admire the beauty of the river Douro and visiting the aptly named Quinta da Macierinha Romantic Museum is a gorgeous way to spend a romantic weekend getaway. Kissing is compulsory of course!

The Romantic Museum replicates 19th-century aristocratic life and was shelter to King Charles Albert of Piedmont when he was exiled in Portugal and is where he died later. The museum houses a ballroom, dressing room, guest room, billiard room and dining room, which all reflect the bourgeoisie life of the past.

Where to propose in Porto


Imagine the novelty of being asked to marry someone in a wine cellar! This would be a fantastic location to ask for the hand of your partner, and the proposal must be celebrated with a sampling of some of the world’s finest ports. The only difficulty is which cellar to choose to propose in as there are so many to choose from…Croft, Taylor’s, Cockburn’s, as well as the lesser known cellars such as Offley and Ferreira.

Don´t miss this


All you need is good company to enjoy the sunset at Serra do Pilar Monastery in Porto. The views over the river and city are spectacular, as is the inside of the church with its wooden and gold carvings that date back to the 16th century. The church is a unique circular shape and took 72 years to complete because of political issues and a lack of funds. A visit here to round off a spectacular romantic getaway to Porto is essential.



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