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Take the Stress out of Pre-Holiday Travel: One-way car hire for just £1.

For consumers, we all know trips come at a price, especially those abroad. Airport fees, luggage costs and even the transport to and from the airport makes holidays even more costly. Waking up at the crack of dawn, rushing to the train station to catch the next connecting train to Heathrow Airport, only to leave a handbag on the platform or trying to flag down a taxi at the airport in the pouring rain, only to be charged extra for airport transfer. Pre and post-holiday travel can be quite stressful for some, leaving them dreaming of the light at the end of the tunnel that is the white sandy beach that awaits them or the incandescent glow of their bedside lamp as they climb into bed.

Stocking a wide range of makes and models at each rental location, ensuring a selection of compact, economy and family size and luxury vehicles are ready at the click of a button, costs Europcar €3500 per month, on average for the movement of around 100 vehicles. This includes the petrol, staffing and transport of these vehicles to get them where they need to be, in time for your hire up to 600 miles away. With over 16,000 cars on rent every day, it’s more costly than ever for us to make sure we have a vehicle ready and waiting on time and at the right branch.

Attempting to tackle both these problems with one solution, around 2 years ago Europcar’s One-way £1 product was launched, with more and more routes added each week. Gone are the days of pre and post-holiday stress, of leaving things behind, spending a fortune on transport to and from the airport and waking up family members early in the morning for a lift. Instead, travel at leisure without the hassle of arranging a lift, catching a train or waiting in line at a taxi rank, in an economy sized hire car with Europcar for just £1.

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Becoming one of the most popular services used by holidaymakers and business travellers, One-way £1 not only gives better flexibility to pre and post-holiday travel but also costs less than a breakfast bacon sarnie or a portion of chips. With over 100 routes now available from Scotland to London and reverse, routes into and out of all the major UK airports and cross-country routes from London to Cornwall and main cities across the country, customers have a wide range of destinations to help them get where they need to be, by helping us get our cars where we need them.

Business men and women driving home from a meeting, university students travelling home at the end of term and tourists wanting to explore a new city at the end of a scenic road trip can also benefit by simply choosing a location, deciding on when to travel within the period given, adding some paid extras should they require any and drive away in the economy-sized car we need transporting – with insurance and mileage included. Holidaymakers can rest assured their flight won’t be missed, things won’t be left behind and won’t cost a fortune to get themselves from A to B this Autumn.

Check out all our available One-way £1 routes here.



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