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Back to Business : Time to Swap your ‘Grey Fleet’

Using your own car can be the most expensive, least eco-friendly option for business trips, with the average ‘grey fleet’ car being 8 years old.

Europcar UK operate one of the youngest fleets in the car hire industry and with our Business Ready vehicles, you have everything you need to get you on your way safely and conveniently.

Employees that use their own cars for business travel in the public sector (referred to as ‘grey fleet vehicles’) accounts for 1.5 billion miles, at a cost of over £750 million per year. And the amount of CO2 emitted by grey fleet vehicles in the public sector could fill Wembley stadium 56 times*

Research released last year by the Occupational Road Safety Alliance, which reported that between 25% and 35% of road accidents involve people driving for work, further emphasises the scale of the problem.

By using our Grey Fleet Calculator you can assess the distance of a single journey and identify when it makes sense to use your own vehicle or an alternative form of transport. to find out just how much our Driving for Business solution can save you.


*Source: BVRLA Report – Getting to Grips with Grey Fleet, July 2016
** Occupational Road Safety Alliance



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