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Vans Sizes For Your Every Need

Weekends are great for getting odd-jobs done. Furniture shops to be done, DIY jobs to finally finish and house moves on the cards, we’re set to have some busy weekends ahead. Saturdays and Sundays are often spent with the family, shopping, venturing on days out and getting odd jobs around the house and garden completed. Often small tasks can turn into big ones meaning a helping hand is needed to shift unwanted furniture, bring home new furniture and fetch materials from your local DIY store or timber yard.

If any of these tasks are on your agenda this half term, keep reading to find out which van would best suit your needs.

DIY/ Gardening Materials

Shopping for gardening or building materials not only requires a large vehicle, but one with strong suspension in order to take the weight. When purchasing plants, shingle, tiles, flooring or other DIY materials, a large car isn’t always enough. Hire a small van such as the Ford Transit 3M3  which can hold up to 800kg, so you’ll be able to complete all your tasks before the day is done.

Furniture Shopping

If it’s a large furniture store you are visiting and plan to take home a bed, sofa or wardrobes, a larger short wheel base van is what you require. Many popular furniture retailers now offer chic, affordable, flat-pack furniture that’s both easy to transport and quick to put together. However, not all of their items are small in size and require more than your average family-sized car to transport your new furniture home. The Vauxhall Vivaro is the perfect van to hire for this job, with space for up to 30 boxes, a bed frame, sofa or flat pack wardrobe.

Out With The Old

Taking old furniture, white goods and scrap metal/wood to a recycling plant is a typical weekend chore for most families in Autumn who are trying to make room for their new oven, dining table or sofa in time for Christmas. If you don’t want to dirty your car or just simply do not have enough boot space for everything, the VW Caddy is a perfect size for small-medium hauls, so you can rest assured your boot will stay safe and clean.

Moving Home

For larger jobs such as moving home, couples and small families moving from a 1-2 bedroom property can use a VW Crafter CR35 long wheel base van which can hold a few large items, several items of furniture and boxes to move to the new home. Fitting in your beds, sofa, wardrobes and worldly possessions, moving yourself couldn’t be easier, just don’t underestimate how much stuff you have* as you might need to make multiple trips!

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Priding ourselves on our mobility options, our Europcar van fleet is as extensive as our network of van hubs across the UK. With many cheap daily van hire deals, you’re sure to find a price and size van suited to your needs and budget.



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