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5 UK attractions worth the drive

The United Kingdom offers some world-class touristic attractions that are really worth the drive. Why not rent a car and make the most of your weekend for a memorable trip with the entire family?

Longleat Safari Park


Located between Bath and Salisbury, Longleat Safari Park is a unique adventure you can experience… from the seat of your car! From its safari drive-through adventures (wind up your windows and hide the picnic sandwiches) to the delightful boat cruise to see the gleeful monkeys and sea lions that can be fed some fish, a visit to Longleat will definitely be an exotic experience for all the family. The safari drive-through is the key attraction of the park and has much to show you: from giraffes to elephants, lions and wolves, Longleat means business for all animal lovers. After the drive, check out Longleat House which is nothing short of splendiferous!

Kew Gardens


Located in Richmond, a few kilometres west of London, Kew Gardens reveals scenery it shows off with pride. The Royal Botanical Gardens offers an incredible collection of trees, plants and flowers from the world spread across a vast domain. Since its inscription in 2003, Kew Gardens was recognised by UNESCO as the largest World Heritage site. Soak yourself in the land of bountiful flora filling out the vast green landscapes and glasshouses or visit one of the annual festivals hosted here. For sure, your little ones will also be excited to go for a walk at the Treetop Walkway or a visit of The Hive!

Loch Lomond


The famous Scotish lake, situated at the heart of the Trossachs National Park offers outstanding drives along one of the most popular postcard views of Scotland. Drive along the A82 and walk to the Cobber (884 metres), one of the most impressive views of the Southern Highlands. From there, embrace the 360° breathtaking views of the surrounding lakes and soak in the immense highland views.



Wiltshire, England, is home to one of the most iconic heritage monuments in the world. You have, at one point in time or another, saved Stonehenge as a screensaver on your desktop. Why not drive out and see the actual monument? This prehistoric monument has the signature of Neolithic and Bronze Age eras stamped firmly on it. Start exploring the Stone Circle and admire the masterpiece built by Neolithic ancestors. Check out their houses and immerse yourself in Neolithic culture thanks to the reconstitution of the place as it was 4,500 years ago. Then, you can drive back and feel like you had stepped forward in time from ancient times!

Eden Project


Located in Cornwall, The Eden Project is quite a sight to behold. Housed in dome-shaped structures, flora thrives in this botanical landscape. The Rainforest Biome utopia undulates over vast landscapes, giving you quite a lot to explore. Take a walk with your family on the Rainforest Canopy Walkway and admire the beatiful flora and fauna on display. Take a break and get yourself a fresh smoothie at the Baobab bar and recount your adventures at Eden Project.

Start the engine. Great adventures await!



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