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Our 5 favorite road trip movies

When it comes to cars, you can count on Europcar’s advice. Start the journey from your own sofa as our staff picked their 5 favourite road trip movies that you should absolutely watch to prepare your next trip. From Australian desert, to the famous Route 66 in the USA, these 5 unmissable road movies have it all!

On The Road

Inspired by the exhilarating novel of Jack Kerouarc, On The Road is an American film, starring Kristen Stewart about three young people – a disheartened young writer, a charming ex-con and his wife taking off on a long road tip across the American southwest to explore the world and find themselves.

Little Miss Sunshine


This American film starring Toni Collette and Steve Carell is about a dysfunctional family on a chaotic cross-country trip in their Volkswagen minivan. En-route from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Redondo Beach, California with Grandpa, mum, dad and the kids!

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert


If this crazy Australian comedy-drama about two drag queen performers and a transgender woman on a road trip across the Australian desert doesn’t sound exotic enough, wait until you watch them performing their unique style of cabaret.

Broken Flowers


If, like us, you love Bill Murray, this French-American comedy-drama is for you. The movie tells the story of a heartbroken man embarking on a cross-country journey to find his 19-year-old son he just learnt of, who has been looking for him.

Thelma & Louise


This All-American film tells the story of two best friends and their run from the police on a road trip across a fictional route between Arkansas and the Grand Canyon, which is full of action and drama. Don’t miss this cult film where women – for once – hold the wheel!

Rain Man

An American comedy-drama that follows the road trip of two very different brothers on a road trip, one kidnapped by the other, from Cincinnati, Ohio to Los Angeles. The performance of the two stars – that is, Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman – is one of the best moments of 20th century cinema.



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