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13 December 2016
France | 
By Europcar | 

This winter, why not take advantage of a holiday or a long weekend with a trip visiting the chateaux of the Loire Valley with Europcar? You’ve already checked out Chambord, Chenonceau, Cheverny and Amboise, but have you thought […]

17 November 2016
Discovery | 
By europcar | 

To save money as much as for environmental reasons, reducing fuel consumption on a daily basis is an increasingly frequent issue among motorists. But in practice, it is not always easy to know how to take concrete action. […]

12 October 2016
Business Drivers Guide | 
By Europcar | 

Between two business appointments, before returning to the hotel, you have finally managed to get an hour of free time… Here’s our quick guide to Paris, specifically for the traveller in a rush, to be sure you get […]

20 August 2016
Drivers Guide | 
By Europcar | 

Taking the car and getting around in Paris are like running an obstacle course. Very slow speed, difficulties with parking, traffic jams, etc. The time your trip takes is never guaranteed, but stress and fatigue are always the […]

04 May 2016
All Destinations | 
By Europcar | 

Knowing the most important rules of the road can ensure safe travels for driver and passengers. Here are the highlights of the top rules for driving in France. Drive on the Right Side of the Road Motorists drive […]

03 May 2016
All Destinations | 
By Europcar | 

The Loire Valley is a one-of-a-kind land where fairy tale style castles are in plentiful supply along with breathtaking views on the Loire river, and of course excellent food at every stop during your trip. If you have never […]

22 October 2015
All Destinations | 
By Europcar | 

  Everyone thinks that to travel you have to save lots of money. Well yes, you do need some. Once you have food, accommodation and your rental car sorted you won’t have to worry about paying to get […]

22 July 2014
European Travel | 
By Emma Weed | 

Were you lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the action during the British stages of the Tour de France? Well the race isn’t over yet –we’ve still got a week of blood, sweat and tears to enjoy as […]