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The 5 very best ski resorts in Spain

Baqueira Beret, Catalonia


The Baqueira Ski Resort in the Pyrenees is Spain’s largest and most popular winter resort. It extends across Baqueira, Beret and Bonaigua with 152 km of slopes and 5 km of routes for skiing and snowboarding. The resort’s 28 modern chair lifts are used for transporting guests to the Bequeira Beret slopes. The designated winter sports area has elevations of between 1,471 and 2,510 m. The journey from Barcelona and Zaragoza to the resort takes less than four hours by rental car. The level of snowfall in the resort area, along with the many local villages and their charming wood and stone houses and beautiful Romanesque churches, serves as a huge attraction for skiers.

Masella, Catalonia


Masella is a popular ski resort located in La Cerdanya in Girona, Catalunya in the Pyrenees. Masella overlooks the Cerdanya Valley and is a part of the Alp 2500 resort. The resort is only 90 minutes away from Barcelona, a one and a half hour journey by car using the modern toll roads. The journey takes you through the Serra del Cadí mountain range by way of the Tunnel de Cadí. The resort area offers many ski options with 65 runs of all levels over a 75km area. This is a great ski resort for beginners and intermediate skiers. There are also many free ride areas for hardcore skiers.

Alto Campoo, Cantabria

The Alto Campoo ski resort is the only such resort located in the Cantabrian Mountains of northern Spain. The family-friendly resort sits on peaks at over 2,000 metres above sea level, has excellent ski facilities and is surrounded by stunning landscapes. It is close to the ferry port at Santander and the village of Branavieja. It is ideally located in one of the areas where snowfall is guaranteed and offers beginner to advanced runs. There’s a total of 23 runs and 28 km of pistes.

Valgrande-Pajares, Asturias

Valgrande – Pajares is an ideal beginner’s ski resort and one of the oldest resorts in Spain. It is located in the Cantabrian Mountains, particularly on the border between Asturias and León. This is one of the lesser known parts of Spain but is less than a one hour drive by rental car from both Oviedo and León. The nearest airport is in Asturias and nearest railway station is in Busdongo. The resort sits at the top of the Pajares port and has 32 tracks and 25 km of pistes.

Sierra Nevada, Andalusia


The outskirts of Granada is home to Europe’s southernmost, and Spain’s highest ski resort, the Sierra Nevada. The resort sits on the third highest peak in Spain’s peninsula and on Veleta’s northern slopes. The slopes have an altitude of 2100 m while the lifts go up to 3282 m. Sierra Nevada’s ski season can run from late November into early May. The resort carries more than 100 km of alpine pistes and is just a short drive from the Mediterranean coast by rental car. This is one of the few places on earth where you can ski in the morning and go for a swim later in the day.



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